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In some ways its never been harder to be a child. Digital overload and addiction, lack of physical activity and impaired communication skills are just some of the challenges facing children and parents in 2020. Traditional Martial arts provide children with the structure and attributes to become physically and mentally life capable. The self discipline and self governance the art fosters is crucial in a world of endless choices and distractions. If we had our say, we would teach all children Martial arts – it is simply such a powerful tool for growth in the right environment. We have found no better way to strengthen bodies, impart life lessons and develop the resilience necessary to meet life challenges.  At Martial Spirit, our junior programs are truly unique. Only our most experienced coaches instruct children.  Our programs also include formal training in 3 different arts; Aikido, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, allowing for specialisation in later years. These are taught using the structure and values of the traditional approach that has been preserved for hundreds of years in Asia.


“The unconditional support, encouragement, patience and discipline guided by Seniors and Sensei’s at Martial Spirit has given my once shy little girl the confidence to lead others. watching her grow into this strong little lady she’s becoming makes me so happy and proud of her achievements. She is learning martial arts and then there’s key valuable life lessons. Couldn’t thank you all enough.”

– Jenny Le

“Great place to train. I am amazed about how well all new students are being looked after by both instructors as well as the other students. At the slightest sign of not getting it, one of the more experienced kids comes showing how to do it. No bickering and no nonsense. And with a healthy dose of discipline it is great for my kids who also loves their new training.”

– Fredrik Tronnberg


"Great space, wonderful staff, brilliant kids program." - Kat Gennaro


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*3 month term is only available for first time members