Club Guide


Welcome new member! We are excited to have you on the team and are looking forward to assisting you on your journey.

We have compiled a short list of points to get you orientated and started.


  • Change rooms are located on the first floor. Please use a change room and remove all your gear once your done and transport it to a locker around the boxing ring. Please do not change in the bathrooms on the ground level (people will need to use the toilets and showers so do not occupy them for the purpose of dressing).
  • Please ensure you are wearing the correct uniform (ask your instructor if you are unsure). Now that you are a member of the Martial Spirit team, please do not wear uniforms from other clubs!
  • Please sign in on an iPad (located next to bathrooms). Attendance is monitored for testing and level graduation so please don’t forget. If the iPad asks you to see the front desk, please let your instructor know so they can assist you.
  • Please ensure you are on time for class. Punctuality says a lot about a student so do your best to communicate the right message to your coaches and team members. If you are late, please apologies to the instructor and ask if it is ok for you to join the class.
  • Do your best to make a good impression on the group. You are the new guy/girl. Just like any other group, take the time to feel out the environment and get to know its members. Some of the students have been training for many years and are veterans of the practice. In Martial arts you earn your stripes so to speak. We appreciate a positive attitude, consistency, dedication and hard work. Remember these traits and you will fit in just fine!
  • Please wear sandals or thongs inside the club (especially in the bathrooms!). To avoid tracking urine onto the training mats, please wear footwear when you are off the mats at all times. If you are wearing sneakers or boxing boots at the club, please put the oversized white club slippers (located by the door) over your footwear when you are in the bathrooms.
  • Please no footwear on the Martial arts mats (boxers can wear smooth soled boxing boots).
  • In the traditional dojo, no footwear or food/drink is permitted. Please switch your phones off when in this space.
  • Please keep the toilets and showers clean after you use them. The other members really appreciate this.
  • If you use the strength equipment, please return all the equipment and tidy the area when you are finished.
  • Please do not swear or use abusive language at Martial Spirit or during its events. Repeat offenders will have their membership revoked. We keep the space clean for everyone, including the families and children who practice there. Thank you for watching your language – we all appreciate it.
  • If you break or damage something at the club – please let your instructor know and offer to pay for it. Honesty and personal responsibility are important to us.
  • At the end of class, the practice spaces are tidied and cleaned by the members. The club is our home, and we take pride in keeping it clean and tidy. Please ensure you have a little time at the end to help out.
  • Please remove all your belongings from your locker when you leave. Lockers are for the class only. Members are not permitted to leave their belongings in lockers between class (other members will need to use these spaces). If you would like to rent a locker ($10 pw), please email
  • Lost property is a “bin” located near the back corner of the boxing ring amongst the lockers. Lost property is placed here at the end of each day. Please look through this thoroughly for your lost item before contacting us directly. This bin is emptied every two weeks (items will no longer be recoverable)