What is unique about Martial Spirit Membership?


At Martial Spirit we have created a community that respects the values of traditional martial arts and blends this with a progressive approach to program structure and content. Often people who have never trained at a Martial arts club confuse us for a gym. Unlike a gym, the relationships between members, teachers and the club are our greatest asset. Martial arts are not merely a physical activity; they are a practice that refines one’s personality and outlook as well. This makes the journey an incredibly rich and life enhancing experience. Because meaningful relationships matter to us, we run more like a football or or community club. To maintain this culture we ask all members to follow a code of conduct laid out in our “Club Guide“). As we are a team, members support the club much like you would your favourite footy team. We are proud of the community we have built over the past decade and protect the environment to ensure it is positive, respectful, organized, safe and welcoming. We welcome all likeminded prospective students.


What facilities can I access with my one art membership?


Martial Spirit members can make use of the entire facility including the strength equipment as long as there isn’t a strength class running. Your one art membership entitles you to unlimited classes of your chosen art.


How often should I train?


We recommend a minimum of 2-3 classes per week. Once your body adjusts to the practice, if you are ready to take it to the next level, 4, 5 or even more sessions a week will supercharge your journey.


What group fitness classes can I attend?


If you have signed up on a one art strength membership you can attend unlimited strength classes. (upgrade to a 2 art membership to include unlimited BOX-OUT sessions).


What if I want to include another art or strength training?


You can upgrade your membership to include another art at anytime. Simply email admin@martialspirit.com.au and state your request.


Can I rent a locker?


A limited number of lockers are available for rent. Locker rental is charged $10 per week (added to membership subscription). Please contact admin@martialspirit.com.au to add this option to your membership.



Children’s Classes



Does practice follow the school terms?


We teach classes throughout the year. We do not follow school terms and holiday periods. Martial arts practice is not seasonal; it is designed to be a normal part of the child’s weekly routine. During school holidays, we run a reduced junior schedule (you will receive details via email).


Can I watch my child during practice?


We understand that many parents like to watch their children practice. Over many years of teaching we have noted that the presence of parents and siblings in the training space significantly distracts the students practicing in the class. Learning outcomes are our priority so we work hard to optimise the experience for children and make the space focused. Parents and siblings can wait in our comfortable lounge upstairs. You will be able to watch your child at grading tests and other appropriate times during the year.


What if I break something or my Child damages the facility?


Martial arts is fundamentally about personal responsibility. Whether you damage something, or your child does, please let a friendly member of our staff know and offer to pay for any damages. If it is your child, its a great time to demonstrate a lesson in personal responsibility and taking care of the property of others.


Can I wait outside the training space and watch my children from the glass door or use the equipment while I wait?


This space is part of the strength zone and utilized by our members. Parents and children should not use the strength equipment during these periods. Please do not gather here to watch or wait for your child as it interferes and poses a safety hazard. If you would also like to use the strength equipment, you are welcome to become a member and workout while your child has class.


What if my child has a medical condition or special needs that I am concerned about?


You are welcome to discuss individual medical/safety needs with the instructor and we will do our best to assist you and your child.



Membership Basics



Is there a join up fee?


We have a joining fee of $60. Former members will also be required to pay the joining fee.


Are membership purchases refundable?


Membership are not refundable. Please ensure you pick the correct membership option for your needs.


What is the minimum contract period at Martial Spirit?


When you join Martial Spirit you will sign a minimum “New Member” contract term of 3 months (First time members only).


Will my membership end after my first three months?


ALL memberships are rolling (except 6 or 12 month memberships). To cancel your membership after your minimum contract period please see “How do I cancel my membership” below.


Can I cancel or suspend my membership during the initial 3 month contract period?


You cannot cancel or hold your membership within the first 3-month contract period.


Can I share my membership?


Memberships are for the holder only and cannot be shared with friends or family members.


How do I update my direct debit details?


To update direct debit details, please email admin@martialspirit.com.au or see one of our friendly coaches. You can also call the club on 9381 2888 and leave your new details in a voicemail. We accept VISA, Mastercard or bank account details (BSB and Account number) for direct debit payment.


My personal details have changed, how do I update them?


Members can email admin@martialspirit.com.au to notify us of any changes.


How do I stay informed about what happening at the club?


When you became a member, you should have signed up for our newsletter. If you have not received email from Martial Spirit, please check your spam folder. If our emails are in there, please whitelist our email address to ensure you receive emails and stay up to date. If they are not, please see below;


I am not receiving emails from the club?


Please check your spam folder. If our emails are in there, please whitelist our email address. If there are no emails in your spam folder, please send an email to admin@martialspirit.com.au and ask if you have been subscribed to the club newsletter.






What is Patron Membership?


At Martial Spirit we don’t offer membership suspensions as they are contrary to the traditional values of Martial Arts and ethos of our club. Instead we have what’s called Patron membership. Our members recognize the importance of a space like Martial Spirit, and happily contribute to the club even when they are away. Patron membership may be requested for a min. of 3 weeks. During this period, your membership contributions are reduced by 50%. The rest of the team really appreciates your continual support as it enables the club to function and you get to give back to the community and feel great! If you sustain an injury, travel or take a short break from training, you can nominate this option). Download a request form. Please return your completed form to admin@martialspirit.com.au at least three business days before you would like your time away to commence.


Can I suspend my membership during my first 3-month contract?


Patron membership is not available during your first three months at your club. Once your 3 month starter period is over, you are able to make use of patron membership while you are away (3 weeks min. please see above).


What about Christmas and Easter holidays?


Memberships have been priced to include the short closing periods we have each year. Patron membership is not available during club closures (Easter and Christmas break).


What if I want to suspend or pause my membership due to injury?


Patron membership is available for these types of circumstances (See “What is Patron Membership). Download a request form. Please return your completed form to admin@martialspirit.com.au


I have been away on a Patron membership; how do I return to training?


Your Membership will automatically revert to active membership on the date you specified as your return date. You simply resume attending classes on that date.





Can I cancel or suspend my membership during the initial 3 month contract period?


You cannot cancel or suspend your membership within the first 3-month contract period.


How do I cancel my membership outside my 3-month contract period?


All members must sign and return a cancellation form. Download a cancellation form. Please return your completed form to admin@martialspirit.com.au


Can I cancel my membership over the phone?


All members are required to return a completed cancelation form by email admin@martialspirit.com.au. Cancellation of a membership is not possible until your contract has been completed.


Can I cancel my membership while on holidays and rejoin when I return?


For time away during holidays please see Patron membership in the Suspension section. Please note; former members are not eligible for the introductory 3 month “Starter Membership” for new members at Martial Spirit. Former members are welcome to choose a full membership option, 6 or 12 months, when rejoining (please note a weekly payment cycle for your 6 or 12 month membership is always an option when returning to the club).



Other Questions



What if I have a question?


We are proud to offer one of, if not the best martial arts facility in Australia at as close to club prices as possible. As a result, we have reduced administration staff to an absolute minimum. Please read the FAQ’s carefully and also use the website and Facebook page for more information. If after all these resources you cannot find an answer to your question, please send an email to admin@martialspirit.com.au . Please write a coherent and respectful email to the club’s admin team and we will be happy to help.